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Video des roquettes qui ont touche Israel

La video de Reuters sur les roquettes qui ont atteri en Israel ce matin, cliquer ici


Lebanon army denies new rocket fired at Israel

BEIRUT, Jan 8 (Reuters) – The Lebanese army denied that a new rocket had been fired from southern Lebanon into Israel on Thursday.

A Lebanese army source said it was a sonic boom. The Israeli military also said the sound may have been a sonic boom from an aircraft.

SNAP ANALYSIS-Rockets from Lebanon challenge Gaza offensive

JERUSALEM, Jan 8 (Reuters) – A rocket attack on northern Israel on Thursday appeared to be a response by Palestinian guerrillas in Lebanon to the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, according to assessments on both sides of the frontier.
At least three rockets were fired, wounding two people. Israel struck back with what its army described as pinpoint artillery fire at the source of the attack — a limited military response that seemed to signal a desire to avoid escalation.There were no immediate reports of casualties in Lebanon.

* Lebanese security sources said they felt it was unlikely Lebanon’s Hezbollah guerrillas, against whom Israel waged a 2006 war, carried out the rocket strike. Israeli military affairs commentators said Hezbollah, which fired some 4,000 rockets into Israel in that conflict, had no interest in heating up the border and drawing punishing Israeli air strikes.

* Hamas sources in Lebanon denied involvement. Israeli commentators pointed a finger at Palestinian guerrilla groups in Lebanon, saying Israel had been expecting them to respond to the 13-day-old offensive that has killed more than 600 of their brethren in the Gaza Strip. Last week, the leader of the Damascus-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, Ahmed Jibril, threatened to open a new front on Israel.

* »We took into account there would be an attempt by Palestinian groups to express solidarity, » Israeli cabinet minister Shalom Simchon said after the rocket attack.

* « It appears this small flame has been extinguished, » Roni Daniel, military affairs correspondent for Israel’s Channel Two television reported after the northern border went quiet again following the rocket salvo and Israel’s shelling.

(Writing by Jeffrey Heller, Editing by Dominic Evans)

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What do you tell your daughter?…

Texte ecrit par une blogeuse de Gaza, Laila, le 7 janvier 2009. Elle se presente elle-meme sur son blog A Mother from Gaza, Raising Yousuf and Noor

« I am a Palestinian from Gaza. I am a Muslim. I am a journalist. I am a mother. This blog is about the trials of raising my children between spaces and identities-Gaza, the US, Lebanon, Haifa, while working as a journalist ».

Another day, another massacre, more diplomatic deliberation, more silence, more complicity.

The invasion on Gaza has been mentally exhausting. I have tried my best to overcome this feeling of impotence by channeling the energy to action- though we may be powerless to change a government’s heinous actions on our own, together our voices rise far above, farther than we can ever imagine.

Last night we capped of our night with the latest hour of coverage on Aljazeera English, which was reporting on how the UN had made shelters out of its schools for those internally displaced.

« I am getting a bad feeling about this- I wouldn’t be surprised if this shelter was bombed » I told Yassine.

We woke up in the morning to the heart-rending news, as I rushed to make Noor’s pediatrician appointment on time, my mind not quite here.

I then appeared on Canadian Broadcasting live with my father.

« Is there anything you’d like to tell your daughter? » the anchor concluded by asking.

« What do I tell her? I honestly don’t know if I’ll live from one hour to the next, » my father replied. « She keeps asking me to describe the casualties for her that I’m seeing; but I can’t. What should I tell her? That I’ve seen bodies with my own eyes reduced to nothing more than pieces of black flesh? »

My father went on to describe accounts of Palestinians being used as human shields-by the Israelis. The Israeli military has been forcing families out of their homes and making them scope out buildings and rooms for the army to enter and for their snipers to nest in. It is a practice they have used before-in Rafah, where i personally reported on it during Operation Rainbow in 2004, in Jenin, and in Nablus in 2007 (where a young girl and boy were abused) . Btselem has said that « Israeli soldiers routinely used Palestinian civilians as human shields by forcing them to carry out life-threatening military tasks », despite an Israeli High Court Order prohibiting the practice.

He went on to speak of the massacre at the UN school turned shelter, which had just occurred, reminding people that these same Palestinians in may cases by the Israeli army to leave their homes through robocalls and other forms of intimidation; then bombed in the only safe place they could find.

I asked if he had gone out at all- he said my mother has not left the house in days, but that they needed some tomatoes to cook supper with. « the stores are empty-there is very little on the shelves; and the Shanti bakery had something like 300 people waiting in line. »

Surprisingly, he said people are trying to go on with their lives. It is the mundane and ordinary that often save your sanity, help you live through the terror. It is no small thing to endure: knowing that both in deliberateness and scope, it is an unprecedented modern-day assault against an occupied, stateless people-most of them refugees.

How many more massacres until the human consciousness awakens?

Comment la TV russe couvre le conflit a Gaza

La video de la RT sur ce lien

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