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Listes electorales, verifiez que vous y etes!

9 mars 2009
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Voter est un droit, on ne le rappelera jamais assez. Un droit durement acquis et qu’il convient de preserver et d’utiliser efficacement.

Le ministere de l’Interieur a mis en ligne les listes des electeurs dans toutes les regions libanaises. Pour y acceder, il suffit de cliquer ici

Votez, votez. Car il ne sert a rien de protester simplement lorsqu’il est trop tard pour influer sur le cours des decisions politiques.


Pas de Help pour les Libanais…

26 février 2009
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Soutenez le film illegalement interdit par la censure qui avait auparavant accorde le visa d’exploitation pour le retirer par la suite en invoquant une « erreur technique ». D’abord Persepolis, aujourd’hui Help, il faut vraiment mettre un terme a cette censure inutile …

Video des roquettes qui ont touche Israel

La video de Reuters sur les roquettes qui ont atteri en Israel ce matin, cliquer ici

Lebanon army denies new rocket fired at Israel

BEIRUT, Jan 8 (Reuters) – The Lebanese army denied that a new rocket had been fired from southern Lebanon into Israel on Thursday.

A Lebanese army source said it was a sonic boom. The Israeli military also said the sound may have been a sonic boom from an aircraft.

SNAP ANALYSIS-Rockets from Lebanon challenge Gaza offensive

JERUSALEM, Jan 8 (Reuters) – A rocket attack on northern Israel on Thursday appeared to be a response by Palestinian guerrillas in Lebanon to the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, according to assessments on both sides of the frontier.
At least three rockets were fired, wounding two people. Israel struck back with what its army described as pinpoint artillery fire at the source of the attack — a limited military response that seemed to signal a desire to avoid escalation.There were no immediate reports of casualties in Lebanon.

* Lebanese security sources said they felt it was unlikely Lebanon’s Hezbollah guerrillas, against whom Israel waged a 2006 war, carried out the rocket strike. Israeli military affairs commentators said Hezbollah, which fired some 4,000 rockets into Israel in that conflict, had no interest in heating up the border and drawing punishing Israeli air strikes.

* Hamas sources in Lebanon denied involvement. Israeli commentators pointed a finger at Palestinian guerrilla groups in Lebanon, saying Israel had been expecting them to respond to the 13-day-old offensive that has killed more than 600 of their brethren in the Gaza Strip. Last week, the leader of the Damascus-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, Ahmed Jibril, threatened to open a new front on Israel.

* »We took into account there would be an attempt by Palestinian groups to express solidarity, » Israeli cabinet minister Shalom Simchon said after the rocket attack.

* « It appears this small flame has been extinguished, » Roni Daniel, military affairs correspondent for Israel’s Channel Two television reported after the northern border went quiet again following the rocket salvo and Israel’s shelling.

(Writing by Jeffrey Heller, Editing by Dominic Evans)

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